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Do you have a business idea, or wanting to begin a business and not sure how to start?? Are you wanting to get out of doing a job or many jobs that are not inspiring you? Do you want to create a thriving business with your heart centered passion? You deserve this dream to unfold:)

I can help you!!

I have three fulfilling years of entrepreneur experience of living and learning what to do and what not to do in business. This journey has been one of the most expansive and difficult times of my life….and I would not change anything!!!  I began my  vision business, Island Joy Wellness in Febraury 2011 with a deep passion insight with in me.  The business journey has lead me through many golden pearls of conscious business practices,  an enriching self growth path, sustaining tools, and soulful abundant list of valuable resources.  I have graduated from Marketing Marie Forleo B School in the Spring 2013, taken a incredible workshop on Jennifer Lee’s Right Brain Business Plan in 2013,  and Nia Blue Belt Teacher & Life loving training with Debbie Rosas in 2011 & 2012. I have loved every word & pearl in all books & conference speaking gigs with Danielle Laporte, and honored by life & money brilliants from the one and only Kate Northrup. I have remained guided  by other amazing leading entrepreneurs; Mama GenaSusan TateLisa RankinKris Carr, and my mentors list goes on and on.

All of these inspiring sources and life challenges have supported the unraveling truth deep in me that I have  many gifts to successfully guide and shine brilliance in others to live their dreams now. My Thriving Living Business Coaching sessions are one of potent way I can support you in your business! We will pinpoint with love and pleasure your action plan, make a magnificent map of necessary steps that will enhance daily life, bringing these unique business gift into the world the way you want to fly with grounded focus and confident ease. I believe the foundation of business is you, your clear vision, and the courage within to move vivaciously forward.

I will help you let go of the negative stories in you, to make this dream come to life with ease and no more boundaries. It takes a village, is a mantra that feeds my collaborative mindset in business. There are stories and ball in chain blocks that many commonly allow to get in the way of what we really want in our lives. These blocks can be released with divine dedication and graceful loving new story tools, I can help you discover.

Some of the business tools I can help you master:

~Optimal marketing tools

~Social media 101: facebook, twitter, pinterest, you tube, vimeo, google + and more…..which media really serves your business?? How to thrive & flow posting with life & business balance!

~ The value of doing nothing, space away from your business everyday, fulfilling enrichment breaks every week vrs burnout  and serving from exhaustion

~Local community sources to help you & your business shine vrs I have to do this alone.

~Real whole abundance comes from collaboration spirit and giving vrs Everyone is competition and I don’t have enough to help others

~AMAZING Internet sources for starting website, newsletter, blogs, vlogs, and more gifts direct sources vrs hours, days, months of waisted trying to figure out what is best out there in the vast internet landscape.

~Practical time logging and weekly planning skills to make time management your best friend vrs over whelm and there is never enough time for all I need to do

~Conscious daily rituals to direct abundance vrs habit driven actions

~Learn to love the journey and success all around you now vrs success is only in the outcome of your goals


your first step here is reading this (Congratulations!!).  Second step is to ask yourself, am I ready to make a deeper commitment to my business dreams now? Does this feel good?? I hope so!!

If your answer is HELL YES!!:) Then the third step is to sign up for a coaching session with me now! I am going to make this really easy for you. My special and introduction rate is this:

Thriving Living Business Coaching radiant rates:

The welcoming celebration FIRST hour is only $50

after first session: $70 hourly rate

If you find this to be positive fit then (after first celebration hour)…

11 Additional 1 hour sessions : $600 (value $770)

OR 5 additional sessions : $250  (value $350)

I look forward to supporting you into your brilliant confident potential and grooving into a dance your proud to live through your gifts. Your whole self, community, world, and the universe wants you to thrive alive now. Do you?

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