Energy Brilliance Coach

I dare you to open your eyes to awaken your unique prism of brilliant healing color in relationships, dreams, business, vibrant well being and dance with pleasure & exuberant into your essence  life with me your…….*Energy Brilliance Coach*

I invite you to empower reveling in the fullness of vibrant life light body & soul energy centers here:

*Purple crown chakra center ~ A place where dynamic relationship with your inner & outer community lives.

*Indigo third eye chakra center ~ Come embrace & expand awareness of soul, spirituality, and authentic essence yearning to be honored here.

*Blue throat chakra center ~ Here now illuminate the relationship with radical whole being truth.

*Green heart chakra ~ Be the artist of your masterpiece heart centered life prism impermanence rhythm.

*Yellow Solar Plexus Center ~ Wellness Radiance foundation of abundant health.

*Orange Power Chakra Center ~ Be your wildest dreams & enlighten self value.

*Red Root Chakra Sensual Center ~ Life purpose path into being & Do share what you love.

Awaken your unique prism of brilliant color inside your relationships, dreams, business, vibrant healthy being and fall in love with life. Shake your worries away from your trillion cells of being, stepping out of survival stagnation and embody thriving flow. Starting with bringing light to mindful breath in your lungs and consciously witness unconditional love action into brave change. Inspiring you to alluring  a new song that dissolves the pulse of negative old ball in chain stories and evolve your high vibration spectrum of compassion into your veins. I invite you to gain effective tools, movement motivators, resilience gifts, and practical daily rituals you will deeply desire to bring home and walk away with revitalized perspective, valuable courage to dare greatly into an action plan grounding your brilliant self into liberated freedom that feels so good!!

~Welcome to the world of BRILLIANCE~

*Introduction to Your Light Now: First 30 minutes FREE*

1 Session + Sacred Art/ 1.5 hours $150

*Emerging Embodied Wisdom Package~

3 Sessions + 2 checkin phone calls + Sacred gifts $350

*You & Life Brilliance Shining Package~

7 Sessions +7 weekly check in calls + Take home tools + Divine mantra poetry + Alter offerings $800

*Being Beaming Dreams & Life on FIRE with Miraculous Brilliance Package~

11 Sessions + 11 Weekly check in calls + Weekend Retreat at Island Joy Wellness + Song mix designed for your desires + Mediation movement class designed for you + sacred miraculous art $2000

What Energy Brilliance Clients Are Saying:

“Sommer Joy Albertsen was born to do this! So much energy,  enthusiasm and patience. Working out with her was a pleasure and I would recommend her classes to anyone and everyone.”

J.R. Rain, Bests Selling Author

“Working with Sommer on a Life Brilliance Session was not only joyful but it also took me into a deep level of awareness of who I really am and what really makes my heart soar. I came away with a huge amount of clarity about what to do to follow my heart more deeply and a whole lot of self-love.”

Lucy Pearce, Trance Channel Healer

“Having this one on one time with Sommer for these very special 7 weeks has definitely helped me to rediscover my inner joy, peace and confidence! She is so good at uncovering my strengths and gifts that I have to offer the world, as well as simple and easy ideas to make every day brighter and filled with pleasures…

Spending Life Brilliance Session time with Sommer was amazing. I loved the one on one time that we had together. I appreciated how confident and enthusiastic she was, it made me feel more at ease and able to let go and be comfortable…