Wild Desire Notes & Dance of Hope

How do you desire to feel???

I have just completed an incredible journey with Danielle LaPorte’s book Desire Map. I have been processing and diving deep into my desire feelings in all parts of my life over the last couple months. The timing of everything in my life involving my hearts path have been raining moments of rooted affirmation to “YES continue to follow dreams”. I have been gratefully influenced by being divinely supported by Danielle’s words in books, blogs in sharing her authentic diva of ways of truth and be in business being fully soulfully self.  I fulfilled a dream a week ago at Urban Campfire Business workshop in Seattle, WA to meet Ms. LaPorte and network with 500 other awesome women entrepreneurs !! A surprising moment I will cherish for life:) What an honor and mirrored dream to meet her and feel her spirit centered encouragement in the skin. We even connected our very similar butterfly tattoos as well. Here are a few free flowing notes from my heart, creative processing of Desire Map workbook and whirls of inspiration of the depths of my desire feelings in life I am creating now and loving how it is supporting the path of my souls guided path of dreams and expanding joy.


sunshine healing: meaning from my heart center~

The sun represents ultimate clear connected brightest happy from faith. Hope to dream is the now,ultimate love, holistically powered rejuvenated nurture love is my heart. Guiding me to listen to divine spirits. Coming into radiance showering over and through me I find uniqueness. All parts of sacred geometry building blocks to ultimate highest existence encompassing compassion for flow with fire. Grace in all is well transcendence into starlight moon beams. To grounding kisses to earth we meet our souls in the reflection of the sparkling sea. Standing in a sway on the edge of shore naked releasing the blocking pedals to rise higher in flight healing into radiance.

medicinal wildly turned on:~

elixir of ingredients to feed, to be, to say, to moove, to touch, to dance, to serve, to invite…

steaming cooking a dream believing, flying, tossing, providing, specific nourishment that is so soulfully sexy..

this idea literally makes my heart flutter in high blessed gratitude for this moment

now this moment holding tight with ease

my spirit expanse out from my healthy body spraying falling stars of energetic passion streams of current pulsing blooming wild free Aweness

Big huge bliss breath wave over you Namaste~

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joy blessings to you,

Sommer Joy

ps the DANCE above holds the wish for you and I to live a life full of wild desires together~


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  1. Hello,I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts.

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