Why Be Vulnerable?

Naked in France on a river feeling liberated and so alive

Naked in France on a river feeling liberated and so alive

Vulnerability whispers into my ear everyday. Life feels frozen and stagnant if I am not taking action with my edge, breaking the boundaries of conformity and let the river of desires flow.

Hell Yes to being liberated and free in what I do… helps me listen to my authentic voice  inside me alluring me to a hear the beats for awestruck amazement that this life can be filled with now.

The naked whisper allures me deeper into my passionate risk taking skin and expansive long bones. Gone far beyond this human body into the connective tissue of collective consciousness. We are feeling the sensitive waves of the ocean together. Stop and listen. Close your eyes. Being naked is not lonely.

My soul introduced her presence to me in the darkness of the night, shining light on my blocks of fear & heavy doubt. My wholeness soul revived me, and lead me through the journey of vulnerable release to wide open spaces. All of my marvelous masculine and divine feminine weaving a coordinated dance of seductive tango together. In graceful sway of oneness twirling soothing fluid ease.

Empowering  me into deep earth core and high cosmic love oneness. My hands left the hard grip behind. Opening the door to soft surrender. Strength in climbing up the mountain, doing the work with teeth out and my lion’s breath roaring.  Trees  of Gratitude for challenge dripping sweat to the crystal of resilience.  Tools in my pocket  forever. I let go more~

the gift of being vulnerable shakes things up and refines me.

Eight Months ago I faced a shit show of AHHHH rough on a silver platter. Lost in the clouds of frustration why, where, or how I was going no where. Ran out of places in me to store tension.

Manifesting into self guilt and dark shame. Walking on the street with small existence, making hesitant eye contact. A stranger asks me the question…..How are you?

I wanted to say ……I am great!  but I felt……I am actually really hurting inside and I am not sure how to deal with it. Can you help me?

But I chose to hide that inside. Holding my breath of truth. This was not an act of love for myself. Eventually I surrendered and opened up with my inner pain and found around me all along was love, caring angels, and community that really was genuinely there for me in my collapse.

Touching hands of my neighbors for the first time. Letting unusual awkward tearful moments of concern into my bubble and others sharing inner reflections feeling incredible to witness and hold space for. Seeing sides of others I had no idea existed, surprising stronger connections left and right and friendship healing light.

Letting these people into my darkness became rays of sun unfolding vulnerable raindrops of peace upon my heart. Gratitude pillows of hope I send to South Whidbey Island community. I have a deeper sense of why community is so important to this whole life journey. Why I choose to be here now so openly share will hopefully motivate at least one person to ask for help and choose to open to another to share what is really happening.  A world filled with truth telling and love is my wish.

When I walk the streets of Langley, I see the same soul beauty in people and the Great Blue Heron’s flying above.

I LOVE to witness people’s deeper sides, and connecting more authentically. This discovery in others and all around me became a longing….and now a way to live. I crave to connect from authentic gestures and softness from the heart in all places.

Connect organically, openly, truthfully, alive with what ever is. This is magic.

I began facing my inner challenges with a new habit muscle.  A nourishing  love song of compassion, a kindness melody revealing flower buds of clarity and buzzing wisdom nurturing my love for showing up fully now. A garden of all I need is inside me~

I care more and have warmer embrace with now and how to let go of what does not serve me best. The old habit of contraction around diffculty in life and  lack of confidence is dissolving as I continue to work on me and get turned on with this precious life. ~ I  take full responsibility for my life fulfillment and my wildest dreams to come true~

More resources for awesome inspiring vulnerable stories:

My friend Dan Mahle wrote this amazing vulnerable rich article ~ article:http://changefromwithin.org/2014/02/12/one-mans-journey-how-i-stopped-watching-porn-for-1-year-and-why-im-not-going-back/

One of my favorite Ted Talks with Brene Brown ~ The Power of Vulnerability ~ Here

Below is a performance of me sharing unplugged, unplanned, with a live audience ~ a prayer for Joy to all~ One of the most liberating, powerful, edgy, scary, vulnerable moments of my life!! I hope this article, inspiration links, and my poem & dance bring you into authentic action in your life.

Call to action: Share in the comments below one thing your going to do tomorrow to develop your vulnerable muscle. Then let us know how it goes~

always from love,

Sommer Joy Albertsen ~ Island Joy Wellness

Vulnerability in Dance & Poem 4/01/14 from Sommer Joy on Vimeo.

15 thoughts on “Why Be Vulnerable?

  1. First, thank you for your beautifully open, flowing words. I can sense your presence as I read. Funny what you say about the phrase “how are you?” as we say that many times a day or are asked that in passing. The question asking us to check in and see where we are and respond. I think I lose touch with my soul throughout the day, but I am grateful that after a small time I recognized the disconnect and begin the work to find my way back.
    So, in response to your challenge, tomorrow I will take a cold swim in the Puget Sound. I don’t think I feel more humbled then when I am exposed to the greatness of the ocean and weather.

  2. Thank you so much Joe!!! I feel you about losing touch of soul throughout the day. I am curious about how the cold swim went for you:) Did you connect to your soul again? Your amazing!! Blessings on your path~

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