Soul Passion Found in Rest


Home is my couch, where I have landed for the weekend. In the passed week I have surfaced a virus into my body giving the abundant time and space to rest. An action I sometimes ignore in the form of creating a life and business that I love. This passed couple weeks I have been pushing myself more and more to go and go more rather then breath and listen to peace around me. I find myself in the middle of a passion to create and help others heal while also deeply trying to right way to nurturing self. Creating a life that sustains  wholeness and thriving existence is quite a challenging ride to stay on. SO I am surrendering to the need to stop and just be in rest and love myself in this healing truth. I  am recognizing a beautiful new discovery with sickness. I no longer want to eat my worries away and watch movies all day which was old paradigm me. Coming from divine beloved me, I am inspired to dive deeper into my heart, sleep, create art that feeds my soul, sleep, write more, eat more kale, sleep and listen to the sea of conscious messages from Deepok Chopra.

“Love is based not on how we act but on how we feel….Dreams come true when you hold them in your heart…Loving reflections make the heart grow. The highest expression of love is creativity”

Thank you Deepok and my incredible friends, family loving me and reminding me how beautiful I am even when I am not feeling beautiful. I appreciate my friends more then they will ever know. I am sending a wave of precious love to; Beck with constant love messages and laughter.  To Jon, for your support constantly bringing my life a lift of positive vibration that I always feel so good during and after our weekly visits together. Jon I am so grateful for our soulful centered friendship and your gentle nudges to follow my bliss.  Ali, my best friend on the planet, our phone conversations always bring me back to my soul and truth in light..I love you love you. My mom, wow you constantly feed my life with nourishment and bubbles of support…Thank you I love you! To my community, you know who you are always reminding me I live in the most incredible place on the planet…Whidbey Island community is where I choose to live and love living. In this sacred time of simply healing I have  revisited a letter I wrote to my profound pelvis in July. The Pelvis is the foundation in my body of power, sensual sex, and healthy relationship with money. I am igniting the fire of this love letter to my radiantly beautiful pelvis that I love and want to listen to always~

Dear Pelvis,

I want you to know I am ready in my life to fully love you! Embrace your voice if it holds uncomfortable situations I want to listen and honor all of you. I have recognized messages that are old, not kind to you, low vibration negativity messages that do not serve us in the high vibration LOVE we are together. So lets let go of fear, anxiety, lack of me, blocks around us, BE beautiful high divine dreams of positive reality flowing, and creative love I know we are.

When I don’t listen to you, I feel overwhelmed, unclear, unengaged, hearth aches, flighty, disjointed, and blindly moving through life. Today I felt truth and you slapped me in the face and spoke to me,

“Wake up open your soulful eyes and honor your brilliance now!”

So I forgive me, existing from fear, held back in resistance soup, and letting negative messages motivate me in life.

To NOW I am here

I am back

I am here to live fully loving with my golden lit sultry pelvis

creating a life in a place of mindful divine love making wisdom

patience      faith       deep flourishing joy

all born into blossoms of sweet alluring nectar

Where consciousness are winged beings of flying freedom surrounding me

My divinity is held high in the sunset sky with the energy of money

diving into thriving light of passionate shakti turned on SEXual desire dancing me

into enlightened growth shining from the sun of creation

I am a goddess of divine love unveiling my radiant powerful foundation into every

moment of being alive floating on a lotus with my hands open to receive and give from this place I am ~

I love you pelvis and will continue to enjoy this incredible life journey with you. Thanks for being my center foundation for all 33 blessed years of my life. Here we go into wholeness in this present moment and future together in good health we will shine. Lets let the bright light shine thriving well being, and my shakti fire reveal and slip into sensual flight.

love you always and forever,

Sommer Joy

Take action now and write to your pelvis> This act has been an incredible gift to listen deeper to the wisdom of my body, incredibly healing, and powerful in a time of transformation and uncertainty. We can listen to so many sources outside of our self all the time but the real source for love , joy, passion, and authentic inspiration is in you. Let me know how it goes in the comments below this blog post~Beach-Wood-6-for-Internal-Pages-21.png

Thanks to one of my greatest mentors in my life..Susan Tate. In her workshop this Summer, Igniting The Power of The Pelvis, I have found old toxic language to release, and new stories to embrace for deeper healing, honoring my amazing pelvis and invitation to write to my pelvis. Thank you for inspiring this powerful opening in me and surrender into my authentic power. Your work continues to help me shine from a deeper place! I love you so much Susan Tate! She also recently launched a book all about nutrition and healing the child within called Into The Mouths of Babes. I own it and love what I continue to learn from Susan.

Blessings to you reading this post and your journey~

Om Shanti Shanti