Sayulita Insight Lotus

Ignite the sensation in you~

Ignite the sensation in you~

I wait and listen to the sound of an elastic infinity sensation rushing through me and out like a waterfall. I look around and touch the thin shear petals blowing in the breeze reminding me of my expanded heart beat rhythm with in. The music of my foundation volume is rising. Barried under the precious kernals of sand eyes looking up to my desire of a dream. The sand eyes open,  witnessing the beauty of the souls of my feet grounded into the earth like raindrop anchors dropping deep into the sea. My embodied dancing desires and me meet for the first time in a little town on the Pacific Ocean called Sayulita, Mexico. Ah ha a precious crystal whisper had been alluring me here for years. Finally finds me no longer whispering my dreams. I am here with dreams revealed in my hands and visions sprouting from my sunroof crown high for all to see, I share. Interweeving me deeply and expanding with delicious delight, I fall in love with this place and more with me. It is so nice to meet this divine place meeting me fully today.

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Discovering below my feet is this lotus flower tickling at my toes, is mixing into the swirling sand holding all the wildest desires, I see with space from me. Far off  in the distant cosmo charisma night sky meeting now in the my reflection. Total light beams of fire shivering wings have been revealed here in the paradise of my unleashed soul. She has interwoven in and through me reminding me of the whole existence I long for is fully breathing into all my trillion cells, opening more to weaving surrender. The dark the light, the fire the water, the pain the pleasure, the joy the anger , the night the day, the dance the breakup, the storm the sunset, the failure the success….. Going from duality to oneness; I now find my divine feminine essence in me married forever to my magnificent masculine. Weaving surrender births in me. Neither side is better or worse and will never part. This inner fabric within me shines all parts now together and fully. Walking the streets I am followed by exotic butterflies, blissful aromas of papaya nectar , life changing tacos, and sunlight heat firing in me my freedom to dream big and help others fall in love with life. I invite you to work with me so I can support you in find your love and light with in you. Check out my creative and useful crafted one one ones here. A blessing for you~

Om Shanti Shanti,

Sommer Joy