My first interview + article about Island Joy Wellness HERE

I had the honor + JOY to meet, dance with, and opportunity to be interviewed by Estelle Nasution, founder of a very successful inspiring business called Strong in a Thong (click here and learn all about this young powerful lady). I was so moved and felt so charged through this interview

Click here on this picture & see my first article at Strong in a Thong HOT website!!

Click here on this picture & see my first interview at Strong in a Thong hot website!!

and I feel like I also have anew freind. She wrote this lovely article from our sunny morning coffee date at my best friend’s coffee shop Slate Coffee (the best coffee spot on the planet.. seriously) in Seattle on August 20th. The interview, recent graduation of my NIA Brown Belt teaching training, asked to step up and push my edge in leading 400 plus ladies into embodied passion, to choreograph a personal story of rising from the ashes into empowered success into a jazzy shining dance on stage for Melody Biringer’s story with 12+ inspiring ladies in flashmob on the streets of seattle to the BIG stage at Urban Campfire, and also leading a couple retreats for Nia Teachers & Self Love on the beach.  Aweee taking a deep breath….YES all of this has happened in August and I am so grateful. A time of really stepping into my bigger brilliant arena & owning my style fully!! I must share that I would not be here fully loving and being if it was not for my incredible community, family, and dear friends cheering me on in every step of this wild journey of growth, and my dreams. Thank you for authentic love hands and constant faith in me…. you know who you are:)

A poem I wrote today that is my embodied invitation for my first NIA class I am beginning to teach in Seattle tomorrow at The Center for Movement & Healing(details about class here) :

Dancing Soul Whisper poem by: Sommer

I dare you to open your eyes to the sweet love that is waiting for you to fall onto..
slowly open your heart..
let go of thoughts into revealing your naked feet to the floor and dance with me…
A place where we can be community in a sacred supported temple of opportunity vibrations
with mirrors sharing brilliant beauty that you are
where others are honored to be in your embodied presence…
a place to dive deep and fly high in currents of light awake to your cells savoring now
invitation to surrender in breathing being…
aweee spacious natural time & space of freedom expands wings…
all about celebrating embodied embrace of YOU here
a whisper of soul dancing.

**Below is a freedance to inspire you to move into what makes you feel free in your life**

call to action for you now:

please share in the comments below what makes you feel free in your life??

thank you for reading,

letting go into more love = more embodied freedom now,

Sommer Joy