Money Love & Self Value On Fire

Back in September I was blessed to receive Kate Northrup’s Money Love Story book in my mailbox. A soon as I opened the first page I felt at home. Beginning a new wave, a new chapter, a major shift, a screaming release, and a major conscious reality check in my body.  A new me raised with winged grace surrender, I broke open with vulnerable strength and found a willing commitment to learn how to love my relationship with money and more of myself.

For most of my adult life talking about money, has become a subject I commonly  avoid like the plague. The tension filled avoidance would bring me some surface layered comfort and bandaid sense of relief. Time and time again, going through the motions of “caring” about money and “wanting” to change over and over again.  Sitting down with my boring financial budget, consistently pay my bills on time with out ever seeing an end to debt. In order to be responsible felt like fun had to go away.   What was the point to really care? Like an old ball and chain, my unconscious habits would sneak back into my life and existing unbalanced all over again. Old yucky habits; like purchasing blindly (oopsie), using my credit card while crossing my fingers “decline” would not happen again(stressful)photo-7, ignoring bills while buying things that bring me pleasure now, getting more credit cards, not making plans, going out for meals, and the list goes on. Now I would like to share that I do not feel shame, guilt, or frustration for making any of these choices. Your might wonder….”why not??” because it is not a loving way to treat myself. At the time, I did not know any better and I was doing the best I could do. All these narrowing moments have brought me to the deepest realization ever in my whole life of wanting to fully breath into my adult lungs  and let go of the little girl in control. I tell her now, “Owe Sweetheart, I love you and always will honor your voice, don’t be afraid. I have a better plan now serve both of us beautifully.” I recognize her control in me is fading as the money love lotus flower grows. It is not easy to change long time habits that pulse in my life, supporting and absorbing since I was a little girl. These memory based thoughts  are not forever planted in me. I can change and create new habits, once I believe enough and see the ultimate mission clearly. Over the last couple months I have been lovingly paying greater focus to my relationship with money. Here are five of my high vibration rituals I have been brewing up in my life daily, thanks to Kate’s incredible wisdom.

1.”Does this transaction expand me?” Kate Northrup~

This question has been a major inspiration in my conscious relationship with money and with everything. I am aware of a new exciting connection with money and food. As I have been caring more and more about how I spend my money, I am growing a desire to nourishing my body healthier. Another deeper epiphany with my more loving relationship to money is the connection to ignited self value. I could choose a. more of my time invested into my juicy health and well being longevity versus b. spending time doing things on a to do list like a robot. Which one feels better to you? Mmm Im all over option a, that holds a more holistic richness I desire more of. I do want to expand my conscious being more and more everyday.

2. Money can be spiritual. Every moment, person I have the honor to interact with, mother nature gift, meal, breath and on we can go. All shape our lives into more of what we want or not. Your choice is always there to fly and expand or to not. This has become a spiritual practice leading me to my soul. Facing this hard  dance I have been expressing only in the dark has been a vulnerable ugly but beautiful choice to bring into the light. Diving deep into my self has given my soul permission to hold me with greater strength then I knew I had in me.

3. Every morning I check my bank account online with a sense of gratitude and love. I use to check my account with stress and anxiety and sometimes I would get sweaty. Now I begin with a big conscious breath in and out, beginning with thank you whisper to the screen for what I abundantly have, take a moment to honor the blessings I already received (bills & loans), and witness with love where my money is going. My bank account had an extreme makeover within the first week of reading Kate’s lifesaver book. My account started at negative $130 (yikes) to positive $2,000(so proud of me) in only one week. During that week I began to wake up to a more colorful world of consciousness money love choices, making some serious plans to change my life and set new priorities.

4. I now have a conscious bills calendar on my fridge (with sparkly glitter) to remind me to pay my bills on the due dates. Old me would sometimes forget to pay and often make decisions to spend on whatever I needed at the time with out a full spectrum look on where money needs to go.  Well this way is not serving the best version of me! I never felt being creative and money education could mix. Working through my resistance and stress around money I have found this subject fascinating and fun. Cultivating practices of consistent conscious action is what this is about and enjoying the journey. Art and money together….I had no idea it was possible!!

5. Writing about money every night in my gratitude journal. The topics I write about are; value I bring to the world and value I have for me. I have always been a journal writer of gratitude but money was a rare subject. In this expanding shift I have found great love for this part of my life that is becoming this flowing thread between all layers of my life. Writing every night has brought me financial integrity rainstorms without the need of an umbrella. Let it rain!

These are a just a few of the ways my life is on fire (Katy Perry says in my new theme song Roar) and unraveling my brilliant light, I am so proud of. I invite you to share your money love journeys in the comments below now. Sharing is power! I am so grateful for Kate Northrup’s story and expertise in this subject. I feel her book coming into my life at this time is seamlessly perfect. The book has been like angel in writing and hugging me with courage every time I turn a page. Kate’s book is not just a book about money. She has an incredible gift of making this really difficult subject fascinating, silly, fun, authentic, soulful, and eye opening about LOVE. From the depths of my newly visited soul and wild passionate centered heart, Thank you Kate! Also thank you dear Susan Tate for igniting deep healing fire in the second chakra where I found the whisper and now the proud scream of, “I love my pelvis!!” Your Igniting the Power of the Pelvis Workshops are powerful beyond words. The money, sex, and power center has been unraveling and shedding. You both are helping me change my life and loving this whole adult thing. To my Island Joy Wellness readers let your $ Love shine!!!

Bonus gift here: Embody your brilliance here with me! Find the WOW in your pelvis!

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