Island Joy Wellness offerings are based on a foundation of Inclusive Creative Design, and include: Nia Classes for whole being wellness, soul-nourishing RetreatsPlayshops to spark the creative spirit within, and Life Joy One on One Sessions for those seeking to inspire more joy and fulfillment in their lives.


Nia Classes






Life Joy Sessions



Inclusive Creative Design. What’s That?

Somatic Dance~

Somatic DanceLeading a Nia class a soulful fusion of martial, healing and dance arts.
All about awakening the always accessible universal joy in the body. Nia shines
light on your bodies way in space on the dance floor and in your precious life.
The class design starts with an option of many practical intentions, invitations,
principles and helpful ideas to walk in more joy, pleasure, passion, and be
inspired to live your way on this planet. Nia will shine love on yourself,
your community and the planet.

Creativity ~

Creativityis an element to all classes through diverse artful medium options;
creative writing, poetry, painting masterpiece of your dreams & visions,
mandala art creations, drawing and using nature as an inspiration and teacher.
Classes can be on the beach, in your front yard, sacred grounds,
in Wine Vineyard, any where you wish… I will make the vision happen.


Stillness ~


the practise of stillness, and awareness of breath to open
to the infinite gifts of the moment. Guide with diverse shades of
meditation available to the design for helping awaken connection of the
body, mind, emotions, and spirit.


Music ~

Music Philosophyeclectic tunes of live jams and or mix recordings influence the
magic of the journey, inspiring emotions, feelings, play, moods,
imagination, and self expression. My passion for the Nia principle of
being seduced by the music which is the state of a relax body, alert
mind, and waitng spirit ignites the power of the listening experience.
Also the significants of silence.

Inclusion ~

Inclusion Setting the tone foundation for class with equality,
unconditional love, and consistent welcoming atmosphere to all. I have
many years of professional educational and real life expereince working
with specialized populations with a wide variety of physical, mental,
emotional, and spiritual challenges. I know how to asses the needs of
anygroup or individual’s needs for success and adapt and modify when needed
so all can exist joyfully together. My classes are a mini version of how
I see the world; all able to shine there gifts together with a peace
umbrella over everyone.