My Story

Sommer Joy Alberstsen, Owner of Island Joy Wellness

Sommer Joy Alberstsen, Owner of Island Joy Wellness

When I was born into this world I was given the middle name Joy for a seamless serendipity reason. My journey of life that I have walked the past 30 plus years has been lead by what brings me more joy and what honors my heart’s desires.

Back in 2010, The universe gave me the invitation to leave behind working for large corporations, finding never quite fulfilled my joyous desire for greater potential.  Many potent dreams were lost unconsciously into  shadows of my work needs and responsibilities.  My work before leading my own business, included 7 years of working and college education in Therapeutic Recreation. I felt deep passion and humbling love for advocating adults and children with Developmental Disabilities and magnificent  Elders. My work including empowering them in greater independents and guiding them to fulfill their dreams. In this career I focused on  how to increase the quality of life for others,  creating healthy communities, and advocating awareness of the less fortunate of our world. In these passionate priorities I lived and breathed inclusion on the design of recreation programs across the board.  Through this very special time of my life, I always felt deep down in my heart there was something more to my calling.  For many years not knowing how, I decided to live held back and to stay in the shallow end of the pool, known as mediocrity.

June of 2010 is when settling was no longer my way of existing. I suddenly got fired from a career I had known three years, got dumped by my boyfriend, lost my apartment,  and just about to turn the big 30. Suddenly I was moving into my mom’s formal dining room unemployed.  Life turned into a very difficult roller coaster ride detox, where I had the opportunity to start over on a new clean slate. After a rough time of facing my rough  reality I began to wake up unlike ever and ask myself the simple question …..

What would make me feel joy today?

That question is what catapulted my life into a new direction. Sensing a deeper connection to rain drops of passion dropping onto my face, soaking in the awestruck duty to inspire  and to help others live into thier highest potential of personal joy. Island Joy Wellness This time frame was one of my lowest points in life that brought me to high frequency light lifted awakening.  A life that was once  filled with paper thin drawing dreams and now drenched in blooms of impossible possible. Seeing  darkness shift into sunlit radiance before my eyes with a tweak in mindful perspective.

I turned 30 jumping off a mountain held by only by safety of a paragliding parachute and the breath of wild freedom flying into making my ultimate dreams a reality. A few months later I traveled alone with only a pack on my back and faith in the guided wind through Spain, France, and Portugal for the next three months. Coming back to the states with a magnificent desire to only live in what makes me drip in courageous joy…..I had a dream pulsing in me to teach Nia ever since I stepped into a class back in 2008. I was not putting aside my dreams no more. “Nothing better than the present,” I screamed to the universe. All I wanted to do was dance!! I came back from traveling Europe on my own terms, and took Nia classes everyday sometimes twice a day. With a fine tip focus I put all my energy in creating raw present manifestation into being a Nia teacher. Which was lead with many blog postings to the Nia Head Quarters and poof A few months later I was given a scholarship to get my first licenced Nia teacher training opportunity.

My business began to unfold brightly into Island Joy Wellness where I began to teach Nia to the precious community of South Whidbey Island, Seattle area, and Hawaii. This business is a huge joy filled dream come true and I would like to brag a little here and say I am falling in love with my life! I have designed my life from my heart in asking that simple question all the time …

Island Joy Wellness HandsWhat brings me joy today?

Now my sacred centered mission is to awaken peoples views and bodies to life lived brighter. I unleash a freedom with in me everyday helping others boldly and wildly into the abundant love of the dancing with the present moment. With naked courage I stand proudly on top of the mountain, sharing creative practical offerings through Island Joy Wellness that inspire you to live a life wrapped in brilliance, feel joy, and empower heart centered calling, that brings passion to your lips to share with the world.
My latest conquest is writing a book about my soulful sacred geometry journey that lead me releasing Island Joy Wellness with the world and with great intention for readers to be inspired on their journey too. The book is called Brilliance Found Within. I will be shaing more details of this multidimensional book soon. Flying high and kissing the ground of mother earth under thebsouls of my souls, bring my hands to hear center…….. I know I will go near and to sacred grounds all around the world, supporting communities, colorful groups, and individuals live out loud the ultimate dream.

That is my dream…what is yours?