From my heart & Free Dance

Today I want to share me from my heart. Often this place is where I make choices from, dance from, listen to precious friends from, create from, wake up and breath from. My heart has a little room where I go to process many of life’s challenges. Today I go to process heart ache, an end to a relationship I care so much about.

Closing my eyes breathing into my body, I see a door in my heart lit with starlight. The door to my heart is shimmering red with a living lotus flower knob. At the touch of the silky petals, the flower opens and smiles, guiding me through the door.  As I walk through, my beautiful hips find the beat of my heart music and sway into a place where my true divine self lives. A place where I feel all my desires, held with unconditional liberated love. The refreshing rhythm welcomes me into graceful ease and honor to my frustration, confusion and pain I am juggling. This nourishing place is where emotions of grey shades and cold are painted brighter with more awareness to see. Where the feelings find a slow river to process through, turning into a visible wave to follow and then witness. This wave becomes a birthing into a brilliant vibrant bird.  The bird develops  into a shy peacock, discovering the honey moon stage of new wings.

I witnessing this massage transformation from healing pain dissolving into the pleasure lights in the starry night sky. I watch the stars shine and fall off the sky into my soul awakening my spine,  growing faith into mother earths womb roots. The darkness softly embraces my hands turning into my dance partner rocking me into a pulse connected to the weaving beat of my heart. Dipping my body from side to side throug clear visions.  Carrying me beyond tense worry shoulders to embody infinite possibility flying alone.  My body floats  to a cloud now of now still. Floating to the Earth; welcoming family ground underneath me and my arms wrapped high into the collective big picture. I can not see but I can feel this magical reality. I am complete and fully arrived. All that matters is nothing. Thoughts are gone. Open to receive and heal I am.

I open my eyes feeling closer to my own breath. Looking through my window to alluring sun shining through the falling sparkle rain and blur of clouds. I feel in my body a deep release and expansive rush of space. I hear my heart beat calm. I possess a deeper sense of gratitude and connection to my pelvis center grounded in being. Magic of listening seduces my senses into divine delicious existence again. My connective tissue marinade in focus for what is now and anchor in where I am going. Knowing that my desires, dreams, wishes and all I want for my life is within me always unfolding. I trust in the holy divine and universal spirit that what I desire is coming to me in perfect timing. Softly touching my palms to my heart. This is where I choose to live and be from in my sacred meditation. Here is where  I consistently find my wholeness and fullness always guiding me to the source I need.  Here is a ritual that brings meaning and wisdom to me everyday. This article is a prayer for you to drop into the pillow of your heart and be with now.

~It can be a simple action of closing your eyes and putting one hand on your heart and consciously taking a deep breath in and out.

~To go further with this call to loving action. Find a comfortable seated position, tap gently on your heart space and massage that area. Connect to the feeling of gratitude.

~What right now are you grateful for? Once you find that feeling allow yourself to sit in the grace of that moment and just be.

~If thoughts come up in your mind that is ok. Allow your self being to be a witness to the thoughts and let them just go by like clouds in the sky. Staying in this place as long as it feels wonderful to you. It could be 2 minutes, 10 minutes, or 20 minutes.

~However long does not matter. The quality of the moment you have with your heart is really what matters and will have profound positive outcomes that can influence your mind health, rich wellness, and ability to deal with stress with more kindness and compassion. There are endless waves of positive reasons. Today the reason I am sharing this heart journey to you is to hopefully inspire you to look inside yourself for love. Heart ache sucks. This time you can look inside you for beautiful potential  and surprising sexy strength that you never could of imagined you could reveal. Love can hurt but your heart is not broken. You are whole and enough.

let me know how this action step supported you in your day in the comments below!

love & healing light,

Sommer Joy

Ps Here is a link to my new ~Monday Night Magic Vlog~Dance with Inspiration~