2016 Women of Wisdom Conference Workshop











Monday February 15th 9AM-12PM @North Seattle College with Women of Wisdom Conference

Energize & Empower Compassionate Brilliance Workshop with Sommer Joy 

Experience an epic journey into illuminating compassion for self, others, and the world. Through a guided, mindful, movement journey, we will embrace each other in a sacred reality where infinite possibilities and magic is raining into our trillion cells through the power of NIA dance. As we experience energizing brilliance tools, and collaborative, innovative win-win games, we will reveal a new definition for compassion through inclusive invitations, reframe challenges, and liberate inner brilliance. Playing in that space of co-creation, walk away with a smile in your soul, your desires in motion, and new ways to enhance love in ourselves, others, and this precious planet!

Hear Sommer be Interviewed on Kris Stiennes Transformation Radio & Talk Show about this workshop! [HERE]

REGISTER HERE for this workshop today!!

Information about the rest of this profound weekend Women of Wisdom Conference 2016 Feb 11- Feb 15th. 


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