My first interview + article about Island Joy Wellness HERE

I had the honor + JOY to meet, dance with, and opportunity to be interviewed by Estelle Nasution, founder of a very successful inspiring business called Strong in a Thong (click here and learn all about this young powerful lady). I was so moved and felt so charged through this interview

Click here on this picture & see my first article at Strong in a Thong HOT website!!

Click here on this picture & see my first interview at Strong in a Thong hot website!!

and I feel like I also have anew freind. She wrote this lovely article from our sunny morning coffee date at my best friend’s coffee shop Slate Coffee (the best coffee spot on the planet.. seriously) in Seattle on August 20th. The interview, recent graduation of my NIA Brown Belt teaching training, asked to step up and push my edge in leading 400 plus ladies into embodied passion, to choreograph a personal story of rising from the ashes into empowered success into a jazzy shining dance on stage for Melody Biringer’s story with 12+ inspiring ladies in flashmob on the streets of seattle to the BIG stage at Urban Campfire, and also leading a couple retreats for Nia Teachers & Self Love on the beach.  Aweee taking a deep breath….YES all of this has happened in August and I am so grateful. A time of really stepping into my bigger brilliant arena & owning my style fully!! I must share that I would not be here fully loving and being if it was not for my incredible community, family, and dear friends cheering me on in every step of this wild journey of growth, and my dreams. Thank you for authentic love hands and constant faith in me…. you know who you are:)

A poem I wrote today that is my embodied invitation for my first NIA class I am beginning to teach in Seattle tomorrow at The Center for Movement & Healing(details about class here) :

Dancing Soul Whisper poem by: Sommer

I dare you to open your eyes to the sweet love that is waiting for you to fall onto..
slowly open your heart..
let go of thoughts into revealing your naked feet to the floor and dance with me…
A place where we can be community in a sacred supported temple of opportunity vibrations
with mirrors sharing brilliant beauty that you are
where others are honored to be in your embodied presence…
a place to dive deep and fly high in currents of light awake to your cells savoring now
invitation to surrender in breathing being…
aweee spacious natural time & space of freedom expands wings…
all about celebrating embodied embrace of YOU here
a whisper of soul dancing.

**Below is a freedance to inspire you to move into what makes you feel free in your life**

call to action for you now:

please share in the comments below what makes you feel free in your life??

thank you for reading,

letting go into more love = more embodied freedom now,

Sommer Joy

Revealing Thriving in Community


This article includes: Thriving exploration, tips to bring you into a thriving reality, and vlog movement is medicine

Breath love into your heart

Open your compassionate eyes and caring hands with others

listen with your ears expanding  into wide open vulnerable places

palms reveal stories of courage, faith, suffering, perfect storms, and darkeness

Bridging  together generations, differences, fear, duality, indigenous tribe

prayer with love,  holding ancestor honor

suddenly inside me weaving with my life journey

a satellite of soul stars are a connecting into a web of peace

finally we found this place and eachother

rising intimate community    ~     breaking old resentment walls down

diving into an infinite pool of forgiveness

waking up my hearts potential to heal darkness inside my soul

revealing authentic weakness transforming into empowered light

collective courageous hearts hold painful stories like angel winged songs

timeless space hold us weeping for a place where you are honored fully

surrender into a field of support diving deep into mother earths sea of yes

tangible magic matrix of conscious acceptance vibrating through the circle of

vibrant angels that will forever be inside me changing the world

this is a breath of thriving I desire to touch everyday now

softly I thank you, Polly and your tribe for bringing this sacred circle together and will hold the healing power in my heart~

This is a poem of a sacred circle I am blessed to witness and be apart of this past weekend that catapulted my perspective on defining thriving. In the past thriving was about me.  A self  journey of  health and wellness.  Choosing to participate in activities in life that impacted my well being.  How these choices are impacting my internal being and outer life. I still believe this a significant part of living a thriving life but there is something else that is key.

There is a crucial layer that I discovered over the weekend being in a group session lead by a women from an indigenous tribe telling real stories. I had the honor to participate in listening, receiving powerful healing, and also witnessing sharing stories that changed my life in a way I could never of discovered alone.  I realized for the first time in this group that surrendering into community in the unknown, caring for others, is where real thriving begins to blossom inside me. Finding a conscious community and safe place to reveal authentic pearl stories, listen to vulnerable stories of truth,  can be the deepest invitation in your being to feel alive. When cracking open a story that was a perfect storm of challenges there is always ways others can dissolve the crazy and increase relating that feels more expansive and good to share. This relating support increases value in these challenging times into a place where asking for help is courageous and empowering.

Lets liberate more truth telling to each other!! I feel it begins with creating a new story around struggle and difficult times. Going from, “I must keep my struggles to myself to deal with because others will think I do not have my life together”. Lets let go of that and liberate a new story: “I am going to share these struggling times to my community and this will offer healing, hope, and confidants inside me and for others too.”  Lets be coming from this place of honesty more often or how about all the time. I invite you to reveal what is really going on inside you with others and that is where a deeper intimacy of relationships can be born. This to me is thriving.

call to action now: please share in the comments below an example of thriving in community~

Here is an invitation to be deeper in your body and discover the tools that movement is medicine:

Video Mar 08, 7 40 20 from Sommer Joy on Vimeo.

Why Be Vulnerable?

Naked in France on a river feeling liberated and so alive

Naked in France on a river feeling liberated and so alive

Vulnerability whispers into my ear everyday. Life feels frozen and stagnant if I am not taking action with my edge, breaking the boundaries of conformity and let the river of desires flow.

Hell Yes to being liberated and free in what I do… helps me listen to my authentic voice  inside me alluring me to a hear the beats for awestruck amazement that this life can be filled with now.

The naked whisper allures me deeper into my passionate risk taking skin and expansive long bones. Gone far beyond this human body into the connective tissue of collective consciousness. We are feeling the sensitive waves of the ocean together. Stop and listen. Close your eyes. Being naked is not lonely.

My soul introduced her presence to me in the darkness of the night, shining light on my blocks of fear & heavy doubt. My wholeness soul revived me, and lead me through the journey of vulnerable release to wide open spaces. All of my marvelous masculine and divine feminine weaving a coordinated dance of seductive tango together. In graceful sway of oneness twirling soothing fluid ease.

Empowering  me into deep earth core and high cosmic love oneness. My hands left the hard grip behind. Opening the door to soft surrender. Strength in climbing up the mountain, doing the work with teeth out and my lion’s breath roaring.  Trees  of Gratitude for challenge dripping sweat to the crystal of resilience.  Tools in my pocket  forever. I let go more~

the gift of being vulnerable shakes things up and refines me.

Eight Months ago I faced a shit show of AHHHH rough on a silver platter. Lost in the clouds of frustration why, where, or how I was going no where. Ran out of places in me to store tension.

Manifesting into self guilt and dark shame. Walking on the street with small existence, making hesitant eye contact. A stranger asks me the question…..How are you?

I wanted to say ……I am great!  but I felt……I am actually really hurting inside and I am not sure how to deal with it. Can you help me?

But I chose to hide that inside. Holding my breath of truth. This was not an act of love for myself. Eventually I surrendered and opened up with my inner pain and found around me all along was love, caring angels, and community that really was genuinely there for me in my collapse.

Touching hands of my neighbors for the first time. Letting unusual awkward tearful moments of concern into my bubble and others sharing inner reflections feeling incredible to witness and hold space for. Seeing sides of others I had no idea existed, surprising stronger connections left and right and friendship healing light.

Letting these people into my darkness became rays of sun unfolding vulnerable raindrops of peace upon my heart. Gratitude pillows of hope I send to South Whidbey Island community. I have a deeper sense of why community is so important to this whole life journey. Why I choose to be here now so openly share will hopefully motivate at least one person to ask for help and choose to open to another to share what is really happening.  A world filled with truth telling and love is my wish.

When I walk the streets of Langley, I see the same soul beauty in people and the Great Blue Heron’s flying above.

I LOVE to witness people’s deeper sides, and connecting more authentically. This discovery in others and all around me became a longing….and now a way to live. I crave to connect from authentic gestures and softness from the heart in all places.

Connect organically, openly, truthfully, alive with what ever is. This is magic.

I began facing my inner challenges with a new habit muscle.  A nourishing  love song of compassion, a kindness melody revealing flower buds of clarity and buzzing wisdom nurturing my love for showing up fully now. A garden of all I need is inside me~

I care more and have warmer embrace with now and how to let go of what does not serve me best. The old habit of contraction around diffculty in life and  lack of confidence is dissolving as I continue to work on me and get turned on with this precious life. ~ I  take full responsibility for my life fulfillment and my wildest dreams to come true~

More resources for awesome inspiring vulnerable stories:

My friend Dan Mahle wrote this amazing vulnerable rich article ~ article:

One of my favorite Ted Talks with Brene Brown ~ The Power of Vulnerability ~ Here

Below is a performance of me sharing unplugged, unplanned, with a live audience ~ a prayer for Joy to all~ One of the most liberating, powerful, edgy, scary, vulnerable moments of my life!! I hope this article, inspiration links, and my poem & dance bring you into authentic action in your life.

Call to action: Share in the comments below one thing your going to do tomorrow to develop your vulnerable muscle. Then let us know how it goes~

always from love,

Sommer Joy Albertsen ~ Island Joy Wellness

Vulnerability in Dance & Poem 4/01/14 from Sommer Joy on Vimeo.

From my heart & Free Dance

Today I want to share me from my heart. Often this place is where I make choices from, dance from, listen to precious friends from, create from, wake up and breath from. My heart has a little room where I go to process many of life’s challenges. Today I go to process heart ache, an end to a relationship I care so much about.

Closing my eyes breathing into my body, I see a door in my heart lit with starlight. The door to my heart is shimmering red with a living lotus flower knob. At the touch of the silky petals, the flower opens and smiles, guiding me through the door.  As I walk through, my beautiful hips find the beat of my heart music and sway into a place where my true divine self lives. A place where I feel all my desires, held with unconditional liberated love. The refreshing rhythm welcomes me into graceful ease and honor to my frustration, confusion and pain I am juggling. This nourishing place is where emotions of grey shades and cold are painted brighter with more awareness to see. Where the feelings find a slow river to process through, turning into a visible wave to follow and then witness. This wave becomes a birthing into a brilliant vibrant bird.  The bird develops  into a shy peacock, discovering the honey moon stage of new wings.

I witnessing this massage transformation from healing pain dissolving into the pleasure lights in the starry night sky. I watch the stars shine and fall off the sky into my soul awakening my spine,  growing faith into mother earths womb roots. The darkness softly embraces my hands turning into my dance partner rocking me into a pulse connected to the weaving beat of my heart. Dipping my body from side to side throug clear visions.  Carrying me beyond tense worry shoulders to embody infinite possibility flying alone.  My body floats  to a cloud now of now still. Floating to the Earth; welcoming family ground underneath me and my arms wrapped high into the collective big picture. I can not see but I can feel this magical reality. I am complete and fully arrived. All that matters is nothing. Thoughts are gone. Open to receive and heal I am.

I open my eyes feeling closer to my own breath. Looking through my window to alluring sun shining through the falling sparkle rain and blur of clouds. I feel in my body a deep release and expansive rush of space. I hear my heart beat calm. I possess a deeper sense of gratitude and connection to my pelvis center grounded in being. Magic of listening seduces my senses into divine delicious existence again. My connective tissue marinade in focus for what is now and anchor in where I am going. Knowing that my desires, dreams, wishes and all I want for my life is within me always unfolding. I trust in the holy divine and universal spirit that what I desire is coming to me in perfect timing. Softly touching my palms to my heart. This is where I choose to live and be from in my sacred meditation. Here is where  I consistently find my wholeness and fullness always guiding me to the source I need.  Here is a ritual that brings meaning and wisdom to me everyday. This article is a prayer for you to drop into the pillow of your heart and be with now.

~It can be a simple action of closing your eyes and putting one hand on your heart and consciously taking a deep breath in and out.

~To go further with this call to loving action. Find a comfortable seated position, tap gently on your heart space and massage that area. Connect to the feeling of gratitude.

~What right now are you grateful for? Once you find that feeling allow yourself to sit in the grace of that moment and just be.

~If thoughts come up in your mind that is ok. Allow your self being to be a witness to the thoughts and let them just go by like clouds in the sky. Staying in this place as long as it feels wonderful to you. It could be 2 minutes, 10 minutes, or 20 minutes.

~However long does not matter. The quality of the moment you have with your heart is really what matters and will have profound positive outcomes that can influence your mind health, rich wellness, and ability to deal with stress with more kindness and compassion. There are endless waves of positive reasons. Today the reason I am sharing this heart journey to you is to hopefully inspire you to look inside yourself for love. Heart ache sucks. This time you can look inside you for beautiful potential  and surprising sexy strength that you never could of imagined you could reveal. Love can hurt but your heart is not broken. You are whole and enough.

let me know how this action step supported you in your day in the comments below!

love & healing light,

Sommer Joy

Ps Here is a link to my new ~Monday Night Magic Vlog~Dance with Inspiration~

Thriving Living Business Coaching

I believe every single person has a special gift (many gifts) to offer the world. One of my gifts is to awaken others into self discovery of infinite possibilities, the reality that dreams are possible now, and to fly deeply in love with life.

Do you have a business idea, or wanting to begin a business and not sure how to start?? Are you wanting to get out of doing a job or many jobs that are not inspiring you? Do you want to create a thriving business with your heart centered passion? You deserve this dream to unfold:)

I can help you!! I have three fulfilling years of entrepreneur experience of living and learning what to do and what not to do in business. This journey has been one of the most expansive and difficult times of my life….and I would not change anything!!!  I began my vision business, Island Joy Wellness in Febraury 2011 with a deep passion insight with in me.  The business journey has lead me through many golden pearls of conscious business practices,  a enriching self growth path, sustaining tools, and soulful abundant list of valuable resources.  I have graduated from Marketing Marie Forleo B School in the Spring, taken a incredible workshop on Jennifer Lee’s Right Brain Business Plan, Nia Blue Belt Teacher & Life loving training with Debbie Rosas, have loved every word & pearl in all books & conference speaking gigs with Danielle Laporte, and honored by life & money brilliants from the one and only Kate Northrup. I have remained guided  by other amazing leading entrepreneurs; Mama Gena, Susan Tate, Lisa Rankin, Kris Carr, and my mentors list goes on and on.

All of these inspiring sources and life challenges, have supported the unraveling truth deep in me, that I have  many gifts to successfully support and shine brilliance in others to live their dreams now. My Thriving Living Business Coaching sessions are one of the new ways I can support you! We will pinpoint with love and pleasure your action plan, and make a magnificent map of necessary steps that will enhance daily life, bringing these unique business gift into the world the way you want to fly. I believe the foundation of business is you, your clear vision, and the courage within to move vivaciously forward. I will help you let go of the negative stories in you, to make this dream come to life with ease. It takes a village, is a mantra that feeds my collaborative mindset in business. There are stories and ball in chain blocks that many commonly allow to get in the way of what we really want in our lives. These blocks can be released with divine dedication and graceful loving new story tools, I can help you discover.

Some of the business tools I can help you master:

~Optimal marketing tools

~Social media 101: facebook, twitter, pinterest, you tube, vimeo, google + and more…..which media really serves your business?? How to thrive & flow posting with life & business balance!

~ The value of doing nothing, space away from your business everyday, fulfilling enrichment breaks every week vrs burnout  and serving from exhaustion

~Local community sources to help you & your business shine vrs I have to do this alone.

~Real whole abundance comes from collaboration spirit and giving vrs Everyone is competition and I don’t have enough to help others

~AMAZING Internet sources for starting website, newsletter, blogs, vlogs, and more gifts direct sources vrs hours, days, months of waisted trying to figure out what is best out there in the vast internet landscape.

~Practical time logging and weekly planning skills to make time management your best friend vrs over whelm and there is never enough time for all I need to do

~Conscious daily rituals to direct abundance vrs habit driven actions

~Learn to love the journey and success all around you now vrs success is only in the outcome of your goals


your first step here is reading this (Congratulations!!).  Second step is to ask yourself, am I ready to make a deeper commitment to my business dreams now? Does this feel good?? I hope so!!

If your answer is HELL YES!!:) Then the third step is to sign up for a coaching session with me now! I am going to make this really easy for you. My holiday special and introduction rate is this:

Thriving Living Business Coaching radiant rates:

The welcoming celebration FIRST hour is only $50

after first session: $70 hourly rate

If you find this to be positive fit then (after first celebration hour)…

11 Additional 1 hour sessions : $600 (value $770)

OR 5 additional sessions : $250  (value $350)

I look forward to supporting you into your brilliant confident potential and grooving into a dance your proud to live through your gifts. Your whole self, community, world, and the universe wants you to thrive alive now. Do you?

OM Shanti love Let me help you flyblessings,

Sommer Joy Albertsen

Sayulita Insight Lotus

Ignite the sensation in you~

Ignite the sensation in you~

I wait and listen to the sound of an elastic infinity sensation rushing through me and out like a waterfall. I look around and touch the thin shear petals blowing in the breeze reminding me of my expanded heart beat rhythm with in. The music of my foundation volume is rising. Barried under the precious kernals of sand eyes looking up to my desire of a dream. The sand eyes open,  witnessing the beauty of the souls of my feet grounded into the earth like raindrop anchors dropping deep into the sea. My embodied dancing desires and me meet for the first time in a little town on the Pacific Ocean called Sayulita, Mexico. Ah ha a precious crystal whisper had been alluring me here for years. Finally finds me no longer whispering my dreams. I am here with dreams revealed in my hands and visions sprouting from my sunroof crown high for all to see, I share. Interweeving me deeply and expanding with delicious delight, I fall in love with this place and more with me. It is so nice to meet this divine place meeting me fully today.

Video Nov 04, 3 31 00 from Sommer Joy on Vimeo.

Discovering below my feet is this lotus flower tickling at my toes, is mixing into the swirling sand holding all the wildest desires, I see with space from me. Far off  in the distant cosmo charisma night sky meeting now in the my reflection. Total light beams of fire shivering wings have been revealed here in the paradise of my unleashed soul. She has interwoven in and through me reminding me of the whole existence I long for is fully breathing into all my trillion cells, opening more to weaving surrender. The dark the light, the fire the water, the pain the pleasure, the joy the anger , the night the day, the dance the breakup, the storm the sunset, the failure the success….. Going from duality to oneness; I now find my divine feminine essence in me married forever to my magnificent masculine. Weaving surrender births in me. Neither side is better or worse and will never part. This inner fabric within me shines all parts now together and fully. Walking the streets I am followed by exotic butterflies, blissful aromas of papaya nectar , life changing tacos, and sunlight heat firing in me my freedom to dream big and help others fall in love with life. I invite you to work with me so I can support you in find your love and light with in you. Check out my creative and useful crafted one one ones here. A blessing for you~

Om Shanti Shanti,

Sommer Joy

Money Love & Self Value On Fire

Back in September I was blessed to receive Kate Northrup’s Money Love Story book in my mailbox. A soon as I opened the first page I felt at home. Beginning a new wave, a new chapter, a major shift, a screaming release, and a major conscious reality check in my body.  A new me raised with winged grace surrender, I broke open with vulnerable strength and found a willing commitment to learn how to love my relationship with money and more of myself.

For most of my adult life talking about money, has become a subject I commonly  avoid like the plague. The tension filled avoidance would bring me some surface layered comfort and bandaid sense of relief. Time and time again, going through the motions of “caring” about money and “wanting” to change over and over again.  Sitting down with my boring financial budget, consistently pay my bills on time with out ever seeing an end to debt. In order to be responsible felt like fun had to go away.   What was the point to really care? Like an old ball and chain, my unconscious habits would sneak back into my life and existing unbalanced all over again. Old yucky habits; like purchasing blindly (oopsie), using my credit card while crossing my fingers “decline” would not happen again(stressful)photo-7, ignoring bills while buying things that bring me pleasure now, getting more credit cards, not making plans, going out for meals, and the list goes on. Now I would like to share that I do not feel shame, guilt, or frustration for making any of these choices. Your might wonder….”why not??” because it is not a loving way to treat myself. At the time, I did not know any better and I was doing the best I could do. All these narrowing moments have brought me to the deepest realization ever in my whole life of wanting to fully breath into my adult lungs  and let go of the little girl in control. I tell her now, “Owe Sweetheart, I love you and always will honor your voice, don’t be afraid. I have a better plan now serve both of us beautifully.” I recognize her control in me is fading as the money love lotus flower grows. It is not easy to change long time habits that pulse in my life, supporting and absorbing since I was a little girl. These memory based thoughts  are not forever planted in me. I can change and create new habits, once I believe enough and see the ultimate mission clearly. Over the last couple months I have been lovingly paying greater focus to my relationship with money. Here are five of my high vibration rituals I have been brewing up in my life daily, thanks to Kate’s incredible wisdom.

1.”Does this transaction expand me?” Kate Northrup~

This question has been a major inspiration in my conscious relationship with money and with everything. I am aware of a new exciting connection with money and food. As I have been caring more and more about how I spend my money, I am growing a desire to nourishing my body healthier. Another deeper epiphany with my more loving relationship to money is the connection to ignited self value. I could choose a. more of my time invested into my juicy health and well being longevity versus b. spending time doing things on a to do list like a robot. Which one feels better to you? Mmm Im all over option a, that holds a more holistic richness I desire more of. I do want to expand my conscious being more and more everyday.

2. Money can be spiritual. Every moment, person I have the honor to interact with, mother nature gift, meal, breath and on we can go. All shape our lives into more of what we want or not. Your choice is always there to fly and expand or to not. This has become a spiritual practice leading me to my soul. Facing this hard  dance I have been expressing only in the dark has been a vulnerable ugly but beautiful choice to bring into the light. Diving deep into my self has given my soul permission to hold me with greater strength then I knew I had in me.

3. Every morning I check my bank account online with a sense of gratitude and love. I use to check my account with stress and anxiety and sometimes I would get sweaty. Now I begin with a big conscious breath in and out, beginning with thank you whisper to the screen for what I abundantly have, take a moment to honor the blessings I already received (bills & loans), and witness with love where my money is going. My bank account had an extreme makeover within the first week of reading Kate’s lifesaver book. My account started at negative $130 (yikes) to positive $2,000(so proud of me) in only one week. During that week I began to wake up to a more colorful world of consciousness money love choices, making some serious plans to change my life and set new priorities.

4. I now have a conscious bills calendar on my fridge (with sparkly glitter) to remind me to pay my bills on the due dates. Old me would sometimes forget to pay and often make decisions to spend on whatever I needed at the time with out a full spectrum look on where money needs to go.  Well this way is not serving the best version of me! I never felt being creative and money education could mix. Working through my resistance and stress around money I have found this subject fascinating and fun. Cultivating practices of consistent conscious action is what this is about and enjoying the journey. Art and money together….I had no idea it was possible!!

5. Writing about money every night in my gratitude journal. The topics I write about are; value I bring to the world and value I have for me. I have always been a journal writer of gratitude but money was a rare subject. In this expanding shift I have found great love for this part of my life that is becoming this flowing thread between all layers of my life. Writing every night has brought me financial integrity rainstorms without the need of an umbrella. Let it rain!

These are a just a few of the ways my life is on fire (Katy Perry says in my new theme song Roar) and unraveling my brilliant light, I am so proud of. I invite you to share your money love journeys in the comments below now. Sharing is power! I am so grateful for Kate Northrup’s story and expertise in this subject. I feel her book coming into my life at this time is seamlessly perfect. The book has been like angel in writing and hugging me with courage every time I turn a page. Kate’s book is not just a book about money. She has an incredible gift of making this really difficult subject fascinating, silly, fun, authentic, soulful, and eye opening about LOVE. From the depths of my newly visited soul and wild passionate centered heart, Thank you Kate! Also thank you dear Susan Tate for igniting deep healing fire in the second chakra where I found the whisper and now the proud scream of, “I love my pelvis!!” Your Igniting the Power of the Pelvis Workshops are powerful beyond words. The money, sex, and power center has been unraveling and shedding. You both are helping me change my life and loving this whole adult thing. To my Island Joy Wellness readers let your $ Love shine!!!

Bonus gift here: Embody your brilliance here with me! Find the WOW in your pelvis!

Soul Passion Found in Rest


Home is my couch, where I have landed for the weekend. In the passed week I have surfaced a virus into my body giving the abundant time and space to rest. An action I sometimes ignore in the form of creating a life and business that I love. This passed couple weeks I have been pushing myself more and more to go and go more rather then breath and listen to peace around me. I find myself in the middle of a passion to create and help others heal while also deeply trying to right way to nurturing self. Creating a life that sustains  wholeness and thriving existence is quite a challenging ride to stay on. SO I am surrendering to the need to stop and just be in rest and love myself in this healing truth. I  am recognizing a beautiful new discovery with sickness. I no longer want to eat my worries away and watch movies all day which was old paradigm me. Coming from divine beloved me, I am inspired to dive deeper into my heart, sleep, create art that feeds my soul, sleep, write more, eat more kale, sleep and listen to the sea of conscious messages from Deepok Chopra.

“Love is based not on how we act but on how we feel….Dreams come true when you hold them in your heart…Loving reflections make the heart grow. The highest expression of love is creativity”

Thank you Deepok and my incredible friends, family loving me and reminding me how beautiful I am even when I am not feeling beautiful. I appreciate my friends more then they will ever know. I am sending a wave of precious love to; Beck with constant love messages and laughter.  To Jon, for your support constantly bringing my life a lift of positive vibration that I always feel so good during and after our weekly visits together. Jon I am so grateful for our soulful centered friendship and your gentle nudges to follow my bliss.  Ali, my best friend on the planet, our phone conversations always bring me back to my soul and truth in light..I love you love you. My mom, wow you constantly feed my life with nourishment and bubbles of support…Thank you I love you! To my community, you know who you are always reminding me I live in the most incredible place on the planet…Whidbey Island community is where I choose to live and love living. In this sacred time of simply healing I have  revisited a letter I wrote to my profound pelvis in July. The Pelvis is the foundation in my body of power, sensual sex, and healthy relationship with money. I am igniting the fire of this love letter to my radiantly beautiful pelvis that I love and want to listen to always~

Dear Pelvis,

I want you to know I am ready in my life to fully love you! Embrace your voice if it holds uncomfortable situations I want to listen and honor all of you. I have recognized messages that are old, not kind to you, low vibration negativity messages that do not serve us in the high vibration LOVE we are together. So lets let go of fear, anxiety, lack of me, blocks around us, BE beautiful high divine dreams of positive reality flowing, and creative love I know we are.

When I don’t listen to you, I feel overwhelmed, unclear, unengaged, hearth aches, flighty, disjointed, and blindly moving through life. Today I felt truth and you slapped me in the face and spoke to me,

“Wake up open your soulful eyes and honor your brilliance now!”

So I forgive me, existing from fear, held back in resistance soup, and letting negative messages motivate me in life.

To NOW I am here

I am back

I am here to live fully loving with my golden lit sultry pelvis

creating a life in a place of mindful divine love making wisdom

patience      faith       deep flourishing joy

all born into blossoms of sweet alluring nectar

Where consciousness are winged beings of flying freedom surrounding me

My divinity is held high in the sunset sky with the energy of money

diving into thriving light of passionate shakti turned on SEXual desire dancing me

into enlightened growth shining from the sun of creation

I am a goddess of divine love unveiling my radiant powerful foundation into every

moment of being alive floating on a lotus with my hands open to receive and give from this place I am ~

I love you pelvis and will continue to enjoy this incredible life journey with you. Thanks for being my center foundation for all 33 blessed years of my life. Here we go into wholeness in this present moment and future together in good health we will shine. Lets let the bright light shine thriving well being, and my shakti fire reveal and slip into sensual flight.

love you always and forever,

Sommer Joy

Take action now and write to your pelvis> This act has been an incredible gift to listen deeper to the wisdom of my body, incredibly healing, and powerful in a time of transformation and uncertainty. We can listen to so many sources outside of our self all the time but the real source for love , joy, passion, and authentic inspiration is in you. Let me know how it goes in the comments below this blog post~Beach-Wood-6-for-Internal-Pages-21.png

Thanks to one of my greatest mentors in my life..Susan Tate. In her workshop this Summer, Igniting The Power of The Pelvis, I have found old toxic language to release, and new stories to embrace for deeper healing, honoring my amazing pelvis and invitation to write to my pelvis. Thank you for inspiring this powerful opening in me and surrender into my authentic power. Your work continues to help me shine from a deeper place! I love you so much Susan Tate! She also recently launched a book all about nutrition and healing the child within called Into The Mouths of Babes. I own it and love what I continue to learn from Susan.

Blessings to you reading this post and your journey~

Om Shanti Shanti

Wild Desire Notes & Dance of Hope

How do you desire to feel???

I have just completed an incredible journey with Danielle LaPorte’s book Desire Map. I have been processing and diving deep into my desire feelings in all parts of my life over the last couple months. The timing of everything in my life involving my hearts path have been raining moments of rooted affirmation to “YES continue to follow dreams”. I have been gratefully influenced by being divinely supported by Danielle’s words in books, blogs in sharing her authentic diva of ways of truth and be in business being fully soulfully self.  I fulfilled a dream a week ago at Urban Campfire Business workshop in Seattle, WA to meet Ms. LaPorte and network with 500 other awesome women entrepreneurs !! A surprising moment I will cherish for life:) What an honor and mirrored dream to meet her and feel her spirit centered encouragement in the skin. We even connected our very similar butterfly tattoos as well. Here are a few free flowing notes from my heart, creative processing of Desire Map workbook and whirls of inspiration of the depths of my desire feelings in life I am creating now and loving how it is supporting the path of my souls guided path of dreams and expanding joy.


sunshine healing: meaning from my heart center~

The sun represents ultimate clear connected brightest happy from faith. Hope to dream is the now,ultimate love, holistically powered rejuvenated nurture love is my heart. Guiding me to listen to divine spirits. Coming into radiance showering over and through me I find uniqueness. All parts of sacred geometry building blocks to ultimate highest existence encompassing compassion for flow with fire. Grace in all is well transcendence into starlight moon beams. To grounding kisses to earth we meet our souls in the reflection of the sparkling sea. Standing in a sway on the edge of shore naked releasing the blocking pedals to rise higher in flight healing into radiance.

medicinal wildly turned on:~

elixir of ingredients to feed, to be, to say, to moove, to touch, to dance, to serve, to invite…

steaming cooking a dream believing, flying, tossing, providing, specific nourishment that is so soulfully sexy..

this idea literally makes my heart flutter in high blessed gratitude for this moment

now this moment holding tight with ease

my spirit expanse out from my healthy body spraying falling stars of energetic passion streams of current pulsing blooming wild free Aweness

Big huge bliss breath wave over you Namaste~

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joy blessings to you,

Sommer Joy

ps the DANCE above holds the wish for you and I to live a life full of wild desires together~